Sometimes inspiration strikes without warning…


In the usual hypersonic media flow one picture suddenly stopped me in my tracks, this 1903 photo of a few land speed record cars lined up at a race in Cleveland, Ohio. Among the typical horse buggy designs of the period, one car stands out as something from a completely different time, an ideal future where an automobile is beautifully reduced to its purest form. One look at this old photo completely knocked me out, instantly generating an irresistible erg to know more…

What I started to find out is a story just as amazing as the photo itself.

And the name of the car – the ”Torpedo Kid”.


Encountering this ancient ancestor of all streamliners released an overwhelming boost of inspiration, impossible ignore.

So I opened this page simply to share the inspiration with others who may be interested and hoping to trigger the creative potential of the web…

How about that?

I’m Mikael Thelin, an industrial designer by profession and a passionate car enthusiast.